Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Innocent Man --- Murder and Justice in a Small Town

John Grisham chose a compelling story to feature in his true crime book about Ron Williamson’s scandalous treatment at the hands of Ada, Oklahoma police and prosecutors. It’s too bad the book is not quite as great a read as it is an important and empathetic discussion of justice gone awry. Now I understand he’s signed onto a movie deal for the book, a film that I’ll no doubt rush out to see. Grisham may write better when he relies on his imagination rather than the record, but I’m truly thankful that he made the effort to write this book and I’m pleased he’s apparently gone on to help the unfortunate soul who was convicted with Williamson, Dennis Fritz, sell his own book about the experience. Don’t give up on the true crime genre John. You’ll get better at it.

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